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June 02, 2009


Albert Reyes

Mark, these are powerful words. Katie has pointed us to personal action and accountability as a path to changing our world. Thanks Katie, for your passion for social justice.

Mark Grace

"We don't ask for more cathedrals. We don't ask for bigger churches or fine gifts.... We ask the Church to sacrifice with the people for social change, for justice, and for love of brother. We don't ask for words. We ask for deeds. We don't ask for paternalism. We ask for servanthood." -Cesar Chavez (1968) The above quote has been burning like a fire in my heart since a friend introduced me to it a month or so ago. It gives me goose bumps to think that two human beings- RC Buckner and Cesar Chavez-- separated by so many years, by denominational allegiance and social location would have such similar passions. But it appears they worshipped the same Master . . . Thanks Albert and Katie for speaking out on this topic.

Richard Munoz

Thanks Katie, this was a thoughtful post. Sometimes it's not the big changes but the small incremental ones that make the biggest difference. We might not change the world but we can change our habits and those of our family. That is a start and who knows, maybe it goes from there.

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