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March 23, 2013


Albert Reyes

Carlos, so glad this was helpful to you. The book will bless you, your ministry, and your family.

Albert Reyes

Sylvia, pretty incredible, what our parents have done for us through prayer. Thanks for leaving a comment. I am now reading The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson.

Sylvia Gonzalez

Thanks for sharing Albert. I pray daily for my children and grandchildren as well as for our church children and I will definetly get this book. I am currently reading Orando Por Su Familia: Un Legado Eterno by Samuel Tippit. My Mother left thAt for us as you would see her kneeling praying every morning as her day started.
God Bless you and your family.

carlos Charco

I don't have a chance to read this book yet, but sharing from my own personal experiences after my daughter born, I can’t imagine how a child can grow up without the image of he or she parents. During this summer, this book it will be another book to read, and definably I will join with you to pray around children here in the communities of Waco.


Albert Reyes

Javier, thanks for your comment. Mark's book has changed my thinking on how to pray for our children. I hope it is helpful to you.

javier Elizondo

Thanks Bro. for the good recommendation.

Albert Reyes

Juvenal, thanks for your comments and encouragement. Parenting is not for the weak.

Juvenal Cervantes

Thanks for the excellent resource, Bro. Al. As we pray for our children, not only are we seeking God's guidance, protection and power on our children, it also helps us to grow in our respect and appreciation of our children. Providing a nurturing environment for our children is vitally important and healthy communication is foundational in creating that environment. - Juvenal

Albert Reyes

Pastor Charlie, I would highly recommend the Praying Circles Around Your Children book. I have several new practices I will be starting this week. Blessings to you bro!

Charles Johnson

A beautiful reminder, Brother Albert, of the imperative to surround our children and grandchildren with prayer! Timely reminder too, as Jana and I are enjoying a wonderful visit from our grandchildren this weekend. I sense the National Prayer Breakfast touched your heart, and I am grateful. I am always inspired by how many of our nation's leaders rely on the power of God.

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