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January 17, 2007


Albert Reyes

Bro. Jim, so glad to hear from you. I was just thinking about you this morning on my commute to Dallas. Thanks for your encouragement and affirmation. Your friendship means the world to me.

Jim Adams

Good luck on the new post!
Jim Adams

Victor Perez

Dr. Reyes,
I am glad that you are back... Its been silent for two months and now I a glad to read that you are back with some new insight.
As a former student of BUA I was blessed to be in your class room, but now its real, and now we are doing it; developing leaders in the Hispanic community in Knoxville TN.

Albert Reyes

Hno Pablo, gracias por tu comentario. Tenemos trabajo en Guatemala y estamos comensando una obra en Peru. No estoy seguro si tenemos planes para Nicaragua. Dejeme preguntar y ver si hay planes. Me gustaria contar con su apoyo y interes en ministrar ha los ninos Nicarguenses. Por favor escribeme en mi coreo electronica su pregunta y le dare una respsuesta. Gracias, tu hermano en Cristo, Alberto Reyes.

Albert Reyes

Benji, great to see that you are tracking my blog again. Appreciate your willingness to comment. Look forward to sharing what the Lord is doing in my new assignment. Let's stay in touch.

Pablo Juarez

Hno Reyes estoy contento de ver lo que Dios esta haciendo con su vida. Por favor informeme si Buckner ofrece algun servicio en Nicaragua. Ese es nuestro pais y quisieramos hacer algo por el. Luis y Yessy mandan saludes a sus ninos.
Hno. Pablo

Benjamin Potter

Welcome back to blogdom, Albert. I'm looking forward to keeping up with your journey. Blessings as you enter this new phase in your life/ministry/mission.

Benj. Potter

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