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April 13, 2009



Yes, awesome.

Albert Reyes

Thanks Bobby.

Bobby Minor

Great response Albert.

Albert Reyes

Robert, I would not say mean-spirited things to you in person or in writing. The Apostle Paul helps me remember that I should not "let any unwholesome talk come out of my mouth, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen." (Ephesians 4:29 NIV). I have been dissappointed in sermons I have heard before as well, some of them my own. Yet, it is through the foolishness of preaching that God works. We may not have heard the same sermons or heard the message with the same expectations. However, I know that the lives of our three sons were changed forever through Gabe's and Sergio's preaching. I have heard sermons that are full of scripture but fall flat because they lack the breathe of the Spirit and I have heard sermons with limited reference to Scripture but are delivered with God's annointing resulting in changed lives. The preaching of the Gospel is a mystery. I look at the fruit. Our sons came back from Congreso with a passion to make a difference on their student campus. That is already happening. They are putting what they heard into action. From what I can see, the Word of God found good soil and is producing fruit consistent with Gabe's challenge to the students. I hope what I have written was wholesome, helpful, and beneficial.


Our kids enjoyed Congreso this year. What a time or worship and fellowship. I will say that while Sergio brought a God based message, I was not to pleased with Bro. Salazar. Jokes, Jokes and more Jokes with a sprinkle of scripture (rarely used) does not equal Impact. After each session I asked the kids what they learned, they spoke about the Skit, and Jokes, the Arabian (racist) comment, but God was not to be mentioned.
You see, you may want to jump on me and say something mean spirited, but I am just displaying my dissapointment. Bro. Salazar may be a great motivational speaker, but maybe next time,before they select a Minister to bring the word, the staff can hear a few of his motivatonal "messages" beforehand.
But Bro. Sergio brought the message wonderfully.

With love,

Albert Reyes

Bro. Mike, it was great seeing you in Waco this past weekend. Thanks for taking part in making history and impacting lives.

Albert Reyes

Elizabeth, thanks for your passion to make a difference in the lives of youth that need encouragement for higher education. Keep up the great work.

Mike garcia

Bro Albert. I was blessed to be a part of what took place out in Waco this past weekend. I like what Elizabeth Tamez had to say about baby steps. Take one challenge at a time and KNOW that God is with you. Nothing is impossible for God. I appreciate your support for Congreso. I pray that God continue to use you in a mighty way.

Be Blessed


Great to see everyone there!

The Lord did some amazing things indeed that weekend!
It was an awesome time of celebration of our risen King!

I pray our young people were encouraged to see that there are at least 4000 other young people just like them (in all senses),who are seeking to walk with God.

We had a couple of "baby steps" that weekend (education mobile unit, tool packets, and conference) in regards to promoting His plan and the part education plays in it. It was energizing to speak with numerous pastors and youth leaders and to see the Lord has been preparing the ground in regards to making progress in this issue...

The best is yet to come!

Blessings to all!

Albert L. Reyes

Good word, Laura. Thanks to the Baylor and Truett staff that hosted Congreso this past weekend. Baylor and Truett had a wonderful opportunity to showcase both Baylor and Truett to future students during this event. What a great recruitment opportunity. They did a great job of serving as hosts. My impression is that Congreso may be headed back to Baylor next year.

Laura Cadena

As a Baylor Grad a word of "gracias" to the Baylor staff. I know that Truett Seminary Grad Ryan Richardson put in many hours of work as well as numerous others from the Baylor staff.

Albert Reyes

Julio, thanks for your encouraging words about Congreso 09. I did sense that the Lord was at work. Congreso is a worthy investment of our resources for the Kingdom.

Julio Guarneri

Well put Dr. Reyes. This year's Congreso was a worthy way to celebrate 45 years of Hispanic Baptist students gathering for the very purposes you mentioned. Our church, Getsemani, took a group of about 63, not counting the presence of the Guarneri & Soria families. Congreso has been the buzz of our students on facebook & their conversations. It is evident that God was present & at work. We are grateful to the BGCT, to Frank Palos & his staff & to the Lord for a life-changing experience not only as individuals but for the people of God called Jovenes Hispanos Bautistas de Texas

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